Friday, August 29, 2008

bleak reading

I, in general, love Dickens' books. I havn't read them all yet but am slowly working through the ones still unread whenever I have an extended amount of free time to fill. Bleak House has been near the end of this list; I've had it for quite some time but its title seemed less promising of a delightful read than others (such as Dombey and Son). Its position on the list moved, however, when I found that I now have access to a mini series on the book. I love mini-series in general but I also generally wish to read the book before venturing into movie-land. I therefore resolved to read Bleak House next. Leaving shortly after forming this resolve on a trip involving various flights and other opportunities to read while waiting for something, it was a simple decision to bring this book with me. I have now read halfway through the book and must say that I am really enjoying it. It seems a little more mature than some other Dickens I have known. So far (one must make this reservation when reading Dickens) it is not really bleak at all. There have been several episodes within the story that have been less than happy but this is what gives it the feeling of being true to life. I am happy that it was bumped to the top of the list and am looking forward to finishing it and watching the miniseries.

Monday, August 11, 2008


As a fast-approaching wedding and vacation eat up the rest of my summer I realize that I have only a couple days in which to prepare for those two events and for the changes that are coming this fall. I am moving out of this room which I have inhabited for the past five years and into another space. It is not really a difficult move by any standards: the location is but a ten-minute drive from here, I don't really need to move furniture and, best of all, I can leave various and sundry behind on the shelves since it is my brother who will be moving into my newly-vacated room. I'm just complaining a bit because it feels as though the time has been stolen away from me. I know that I have a hand in all these plans and changes but I guess I feel as though I should be given more time to adjust. Life really is wonderful but it is always easy to feel sorry for one's self.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Does it get any better?

I think I'll be reeling from this Matt Costa kick for quite some time but that's perfectly fine with me.