Friday, May 27, 2011


Our marriage had been postponed several times for various reasons last year so eventually we decided to be married quietly at City Hall and have our celebration with friends this year once things had settled down a bit. It turned out to be six months and a few days from our original wedding day that I finally walked down the aisle. Last Saturday turned out to be perfect in so many ways. It was difficult to plan with so many other things going on but we pulled if off. No, we more than pulled it off: it was everything I could have hoped. The one aspect that I do regret is that with everything going on we never got a chance to get most of the invitations out. I did try to let everyone know by word or over e-mail but it isn't the same as a real invitation. But those who were able to make it made it a wonderful day. As I was saying with one of my bridesmaids, for the amount of joy and fun that came from the day it was the perfect amount of work. I was so happy to see everyone and celebrate with them. Although we were already married we both agree that this was necessary. Anyway it was beautiful and I am so glad we went ahead with it despite the hectic pace it put us through for a while. Oh, one more regret: we never got our own pictures. It looks as though enough friends took pictures but it would be nice not to have to rely on others. But that's what makes life worth living so I guess it's fine too.