Friday, August 29, 2014

new kitten

After much convincing (and realizing the potential of having a mouse problem in a house as old as this) I finally came around to say we could get another kitten. The hunt was on and, after extensive searching and a couple disappointments, James found just the one. It's a Bengal and from everything we read about the breed it seems like it'll fit in exactly with what we want. We've been told they don't shed like a regular cat so no excessive cat fur and allergies (YEAH!) and they're quite trainable. In fact, I think we found the closest thing to a dog in a cat's body that we could and with that I am satisfied. He arrived yesterday and made himself at home almost immediately. He is sweet, playful, cuddly, smart, elegant, and gives me a more concrete excuse to lay on the couch all morning. What more could I ask for? So without further ado, here's the new boy in town:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Settling in

Well, in case you were wondering, we moved successfully (and relatively smoothly) and have been living in our own house just over two months now. Our two most recent improvements that have gone a long way to making it feel like home (at least inside) are that we got a new chesterfield (we couldn't get the old one out of our apartment) so we now have some seating and [drum roll] I unpacked, organized and have set up in bookcases in my living room, all my fiction and literature along with my music books (oh yes! we have a piano!) and some assorted essays and non-fiction etc. I still don't have all my books out of boxes but I have all the really important ones out. Oh, and that ban I imposed on myself not to buy any more books until we had room for them? Lifted!