Monday, February 20, 2012

Pink Swirl

I guess he must have dipped the marker in the milk.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ads and Art

After writing that it was easier than it has been in too long to write again I have failed to write on here again until now. This is because I am busy catching up on writing everywhere else that I had been neglecting. Also, strangely, I have not taken very many pictures this past week. Not entirely sure why but it is possible that some of it comes from spending a lot of the days out visiting people without the camera along. Stemming from this, when we are home the house is not in great shape so potential pictures are sometimes stalled until the place can be tidied a little. Logan is also getting a little less co-operative with posing. At least he is not at the point yet where he deliberately poses when he sees a camera but his attitude of oblivion towards it is also disappearing because he likes to see the pictures on the screen and push the flash down any time it pops up. You can only take so many blurry photos of his chin and hand reaching for the camera before it gets a little old. But life has been happening so that is all that really matters.
Yesterday I watched a documentary on advertising called Art & Copy. I for the most part hate ads in general and commercials in particular. I hate how they interrupt; I hate how they blare at the audience; I hate how they are played repetitively or placed ubiquitously; I hate how badly done so many of them are. But there is a different class of ad campaigns (of which I have been aware in the past but never looked at in this detail or perspective). This documentary seems almost to be an homage to the great ad campaigns released over the past several decades. It was interesting and quite visually captivating (it is about ads, after all). However I almost felt there was not enough balance and, strangely--considering my reasons for disliking ads--, I was under-whelmed by the contemplative spots (used as vehicles for the various stats cited) that were thrust throughout the stories. Concerning the balance issue I suppose I felt that there would be more contrast drawn between either art and commercialism or the effect of capitalism on creativity or even comparing good and bad campaigns. I suppose I watched it with the expectation of the more confrontational approach taken with many documentaries today. Instead I felt myself drawn into the stories of the minds behind the ads and I actually enjoyed the ride. It did not really revolutionalize the way I think of ads but it was an interesting and beautiful presentation. I would recommend it.
All this talk about the need to be enthusiastic about the product and how these campaigns can change the way one views the world made me pause this morning to contemplate how I would set up to advertise motherhood (my life right now). Somehow I would bring in a play on words and concepts of gifts and the present and perhaps display little vignettes that evoke the bits of joy scattered through the day. But the real trick is how to do this without being sentimental or corny. To find the truth behind it to which everyone can connect. Ha, well thinking about it brought me through the task of doing the dishes so it was at least a partially useful exercise.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meet me at the space-bar

Mere hours ago a phrase like this post's title would have been excruciating for me to type up on this computer. Over the past two-and-a-half months I have been crippled in so many ways by a malfunctioning keyboard. Not even by an entire keyboard; two key keys on the keyboard have wreaked my ruin: the space-bar and the 'm' (along with a few other keys of much lesser importance such as the left cursor and 'control'). It is astonishing how the loss of such a small thing has brought my communication with the outside world to its' knees.
How did my keyboard get to such a state, you ask? Logan was sick early in December and happened to be sitting on my lap not once but twice (possibly thrice) while my laptop innocently sat at my feet (I'm sure dethroned from its titular origin at the point when he insisted on sitting there) only to be covered with a great portion of the contents of Logan's stomach. The keys were a mess but because I had more important sicknesses to handle at the time, the mess got a chance to dry on. So I was unable (and unwilling) to use the keyboard in any way until I found the time to clean it up. However, even once I cleaned it up - going so far as to remove the keys and clean beneath - the aforementioned keys would not work.
Thus I entered my second stage of broken communication. I entertained hopes of attaching a separate keyboard and even raised my sights to the idea of a new computer. When these items were not forthcoming and when I found the need to communicate with the outside world becoming pressing I decided to improvise. I cannot give myself much credit for brilliancy but I certainly will say the efforts I made were impressive. I found that I could use underscore for spaces in some of my messages (although this would mess up formatting depending on the program). I also found it interesting to look for synonyms for words with the letter 'm' in them (which themselves had to remain m-less). If all else failed (or if the search was becoming ridiculous) I would copy and past an 'm' from text elsewhere on the page (often from the .com of the URL). By the time that I was getting better at this and realizing that I would not be out of my predicament any time soon I started writing short sentences without underscore by copying and pasting phrases from space-ful sections of text and swapping out the original words for mine while preserving the spaces.
The one exception to this predicament was blogger. Apparently if you write words and hit 'enter' between them, within the compositional box it may look like an experimental poem but once the post is published nothing appears amiss. It is still difficult to write lengthy posts (hence the brevity displayed in the past few months around here) but it does hide the larger half of the handicap.
All this to explain my joy upon hooking up a real keyboard that really works. Strangely enough I have had to re-train my fingers to hit the space-bar... Can't say it took long, however! This time the computer and keyboard are, despite the moniker of 'laptop', remaining decided on top of the table. There they will hopefully be (mostly) out of reach of our electronics monster.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A cup of muffin

I had a bit of banana-chocolate-chip muffin batter left over after filling tins and trays and was debating how best to bake that quantity (not enough for a loaf pan, too much time/effort involved in waiting for the muffins to bake and cool to re-use the tin) when what to my wondering eyes should appear but the already flour-dusted one-cup metal measuring cup. It worked exactly as I had hoped and turned out a beautiful shape and size (not to mention how cute it looks in the cup). A visiting friend suggested a series of muffins in various size cups would be even better. I think it'll have to happen next baking session whether there is left-over batter to use or not!
Looking at these pictures now I realize that I should have taken them with the regular-sized muffins in view for a better perspective of the scale. Unfortunately the cup of muffin is no longer with us (well, it is still with me in the sense of becoming part of who I am after I devoured it... with ice cream) so you will have to imagine the scale guided by your no doubt extensive experience of a standard one-cup measurement.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Unseasonably warm weather drew us to spend part of our afternoon at the local park a few days ago. It was gorgeous and fun to get out of our hole and bask. What a difference a little sunshine can work!
Tiny brown boots are adorable in my opinion! Unfortunately this family outing was one short but we're looking forward to a point when we will have opportunity to have outings all together. Until then we enjoy what time we do spend together all the more!

Sunday, February 05, 2012


caught with gorgeous light

Friday, February 03, 2012