Friday, March 13, 2015

Snuffle bug

It can be difficult to get a picture of our baby without her doting older brother being in the frame, too. Not that I'm complaining! He is so much more careful and considerate than I had imagined he would be. Having another happy baby is such a blessing! In fact, with her I often think of Mr Darcy's criticism of Jane being applicable: "she smiles too much". Except a baby can never smile too much! I don't have too many pictures of her smiles because they are fleeting and often happen when I don't have a camera on hand but she has smiled several times a day starting from about the second day. Often it's as she's falling asleep after a feeding but also happens occasionally when Daddy talks to her. And this is her first outfit (clothes aside from sleepers). Her umbilical took a little longer to come off than the boys' did but finally it's healed up nicely. And we've already started finding out that she's outgrown (or never would have fit) some of her clothes. The sleeves of this top are a little short but I just love the "sniff sniff" picture for newborns because so much of what they say seems like snuffling (especially when they're ready to eat). Oh, I guess last Sunday she wore a dress but I just slipped it over her sleeper so I didn't count it as an outfit. And even it was small enough that I couldn't do up the buttons. She seems too tiny to be too big for clothes already! But I have noticed she's getting bigger and just starting to chub up in some spots.

Friday, March 06, 2015

How to lose ten pounds in one day*

I'm not one to follow crazy schemes and fad diets but it's impossible to ignore results like this: two weeks ago I could barely waddle around, was having problems sleeping, breathing, I had long-since packed away my regular clothes, and was experiencing many other smaller inconveniences that resulted from the crazy changes my body was going through as it bore pregnancy. Today I feel like a whole new person. How did I recover from this condition, you ask? Although I wouldn't recommend this procedure for everyone, most people who have been in a similar position to mine will attest that the only way to get oneself on the road to recovery from this condition is to undergo a painful, and sometimes lengthy, procedure called giving birth. I can't stress enough how painful such a procedure is but it is entirely natural and something that has been practiced by all societies throughout the ages. If it isn't new, why would I have to promote it, you ask? Because of the stunning results. At the point of giving birth I instantly lost ten pounds and immediately felt I could breathe better and manage to lie on my back without passing out. Although it took several days to recover from the side effects of the birth, within a week I had lost twenty pounds and was able to start wearing regular jeans again! As it should be, the rest of the weight will likely take longer to lose but it's a steady process that is helped along by a very special result of the birthing procedure. A baby is a wonderful thing and, among its many marvels, works to help in your goal to lose weight not only by literally eating the calories out of you but also, little by little, motivating you to get back into an active lifestyle. The special design of these babies ensures that as they grow you slowly become accustomed to carrying their increasing weight until you have little problem with the heaviest of weights. They are also equipped with special alarms to remind you to do various calorie-burning tasks as you care for them. Who needs a smart-phone or a personal trainer when you can have a baby to keep you on track?! *Results may vary

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Because we can always use more pictures

It seems we have a citrus theme today.

She's here!

On Monday February 23rd at 1:30 PM Evelyn popped out. At birth she was 7 lbs 9 oz and a week later weighed in at an even 8 lbs. So far she loves to eat and sleep but in her short spurts of wakefulness is quite alert and curious already. To me she looks much like Logan did as a baby but definitely has her own personality and I can't wait to see how she grows and develops.