Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Herbs can be beautiful too.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

too bad

Good sportsmanship we hail, we sing
It's always pleasant when you spot it.
There's only one unhappy thing:
You have to lose to prove you've got it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I received an e-mail today informing me that my dog is to be put down. The appointment is set for a few minutes from now. By the time I post this she will have breathed her last. She lived a good life and was happy. She was the nicest dog I've ever met. She was my Sparky-dog that went with me on all my adventures, walks, patiently waited while I practiced taking pictures with her as my model, came along and waited in the cold while I visited or babysat at neighbours' houses. The list goes on. She was my first dog and no other dog will hold that place. We got another dog a couple years ago and I am glad that we did it that way so that there is no way of thinking of Shasta as Sparky's replacement. They both have their own places in our household and hearts.

Well this is not very well written and more than a composition is a set of thoughts and feelings I have about my old pup. It was good to write them out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

some little details from the Blue City

The decoration of the tiles is one of the most beautiful ideas for beautifying a building that I have ever seen. It doesn't hurt, either, that I absolutly love the shade of blue that predominated in the colour scheme...


Having just written an 'update on my life' post, after a long silence sporadically broken with pictures, I realize that I havn't written a quote post in a while either so here goes (while I'm here and have time I might as well get as many as I can posted). Here are some quotes from North and South that I came across while atempting to clean up my papers from school. Yes, that means that my desk, after months of neglect is starting to be sorted out (doesn't mean that it looks any tidier yet, in fact it's probably worse but it's getting there--have to destroy the old before building the new). I read, studied and wrote on this book and highly enjoyed getting to know it better. Elizabeth Gaskell's writing is true to life's nity-gritty and yet makes it beautiful. So here are a few quotes drawn from the book:
The cloud never comes in that quarter of the horizon from which we watch for it.

If the world was full of perplexing problems she would trust, and only ask to see the one step needful for the hour.

As she realized what might have been she grew to be thankful for what was.

...books, not cared for on account of their binding solely, lay on the table, as if recently put down.

Tyrants make liars.

"He is my first olive: let me make a face while I swallow."
(said by the leading lady about the leading man before... well, I'm sure you get the picture)

wired for sound

My Uncle came over yesterday and hooked up he wireless router to our internet. What this means for me practically is that I now have the power to access the internet on my laptop while in my room downstairs. This may not sound that exiting but for me it's a pretty big deal. On days that I am not working I think that it is going to be hard for me to emerge from the basement at all. Now that Gma is back from her rambles I suppose that I shall be called up to be fed (could I call it 'fed up'?) on a fairly regular basis so that is good but this convenience is addictive.

I know there are many out there who have had the same convenience of internet in their room (or all over their house) for ages now but I am not what you would call on the cuting edge of this techshmology stuff.

I am looking forward to the fact that when it comes time to write more papers (I actually don't really want to think of that at this time of year) I can stay up as late as I like without inconveniencing Gma (the computer room is next to her bedroom). Endless possibilities in the procrastination line open before me...

Yes. Well I introduced the topic in passing before but will now deal with it as the subject of this paragraph (or perhaps two), Gma is home from her travels. She arrived at the bus station last night so I went to pick her up. She has been gone for a few weeks and living here by myself with full use of the car has been another of those unfamiliar conveniences/treats. Unfortunatly this is one that only lasts a little while. Not that I dislike it when Gma is around, it's just that it's easier for me to live by myself than to think of someone else. I like my space and it's easier to be selfish. Not as companionable, though. But at the same time I've had quite a bit of companionship with friends and fun so didn't miss the homey type.

It sounds as though she and her sisters had a ball while away so I feel better about having fun here! When I grow old I want to be the type of old lady who, when pulled over for speeding, doesn't get a ticket since she's so delightful... Ahh I'l travel in style like Gma and her sisters then...

Monday, July 09, 2007

a foal

Gotta love horses with foals this cute!