Saturday, February 21, 2015


With the frigid temperatures we haven't been making it outside for very long (if at all, sometimes) these days but thankfully there are enough options for activities inside that we always seem to have something to do. And there's always running roundabout the house (James always spoke of getting a place where the boys could run around in a circle through the rooms and that's exactly what we ended up with). The boys spent part of yesterday afternoon painting and I had to capture the lighting (have I mentioned how I LOVE the natural light in this house?!). They both received mini-easels and painting kits for Christmas and it's fun to see them all set up painting the small canvases. By the time I got the camera out this time they had moved on from the canvases to painting their chairs and other wooden things James has made them. Oh and James had just given Logan another haircut an hour or two before this. I think he does an amazing job (completely by hand -- our electric shaver hasn't been working for a while).

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


My due date isn't for a few more days but for some reason it feels as though the time is dragging and all I'm doing is waiting for something to happen. It's very strange because this feeling is very different from how I felt before the boys were born. Anyway here are a couple pictures of waiting and of enjoying a boys' night before the girl arrives!