Friday, January 23, 2009


Turning a quarter century in less than a week I have been thinking of the number 25 more recently than is my usual wont. When I recieved a tag from a friend to do a list of 25 obscure facts about one's self I thought it would be fun. It turns out that I had more fun than I had anticipated and dredged up quite a few memories that had been lying still for some time. So because I feel as though it is a success, I shall copy it onto this blog.
25 random facts because I am a bored narcissist
Having been tagged by Ruth and having enjoyed her note, I decided that I would write one if I ever found enough free time while being in a narcissistic mood. I had thought the convergence of both these factors would be aligned something with the frequency of the emergence of those moons reported to be of a blue persuasion but, as it is one day later and I am writing this note, I now know I have too much of one or the other factor (or perhaps both) for my own good.

Those whom I have tagged fall into one of the following categories: those lucky few mentioned in the list itself, those who might be interested in writing one of these lists themselves, those whose lists I would be interested in reading, and those whom I have chosen at will to swell the number to the expected twenty-five.

So, without further ado, this is a list of twenty five of the more obscure--while hopefully interesting--facts about me.

1. I had a neon yellow fanny-pack and coveted those bike shorts with the neon stripe down the side when I was a kid.
2. One summer I helped my brother, Neil, and my cousin, Noel, build a three-level/storey high fort in our woods.
3. I broke one of my front teeth while playing pick-up hockey with my older brother, Neil; that same tooth was later kneed out by my younger brother, Stuart; and to complete the teeth connection with my brothers: my oldest brother, Tom, also broke one of his front teeth on ice.
4. I face-planted from the jogger into a (thankfully) plowed field as a result of a training accident at the horse barn. The driverless horse then continued his training mile and we caught him while he was turning to do the cool-down jog. It made me consider my expendability in that job. On the lighter side of things, apparently my glasses were stuck in the indent my face left. I would have liked to have seen it.
5. My cousin, Cindy, and I once set her bedroom rug on fire while concocting something derived from the contents of various bottles from the bathroom and inspired by the design of an oil-lamp. Not having learned a thing, I am still a pyro.
6. As they came out, I saved some of my baby teeth in a jar on my shelf. It might still be there.
7. I once found a vase in the middle of a bush while we were on a field trip to a bee farm (I think). Although the vase itself was hideous I thought it was awesome because I had found it so unexpectedly. I'm sure I made Mom keep it for longer than her inclination dictated.
8. I have been to Upper Canada Villiage (a small historic town set in the 1860's) annually on the first Friday after labour day ever since I was a toddler.
9. I would like to get a spinning wheel and take up spinning wool. Ideally I would like to be able to accomplish this before this coming September because when we re-visit UCV on our annual trip I would like to be able to inform the several Janices there (who all spin) that I have joined the club.
10. I have been knocked out many times. Several times involve a ball connecting with my nose (but thankfully neither ever broke), once a ladder, once the corner of a table, once some steps, and once when I tripped. It explains a lot, I think.
11. My cousin, Cindy, and I are born four days apart. My allowing her to arrive first was just the beginning of a long line of courteous acts on my part.
12. My middle name, Evelyn, is my Mom's first name although she goes by her second.
13. I hiccoughed in utero.
14. I used to be lactose intolerant but now I think it's great and should have rights too. To support this view I now consume as much dairy as possible.
15. My brother, Neil, and I used to share a set of cross-coutry ski boots (back in the day when our feet were of similar size) and would happily head out together for an afternoon along the trail each with one ski and one snow boot on.
16. I have created various objects out of gingerbread including: a replica of my co-worker's Jeep, several horse and sleigh sets, a snowmobile, a snowman, a christmas tree, and (of course) quite a few gingerbread houses.
17. I cried the first time Mom sang "Oh Susannah" to me (I was less than 6 at the time) but I tried to hide it because crying is girly.
18. At one time or another (hopefully still) I have known all the words to the following: The songs from The Music Man, Holiday Inn, Oklahoma, Guys and Dolls; most Christmas carols; many of the popular songs from the '20s to '60s that my Dad would play on the piano; The Messiah; the scripts of Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Great Mouse Detective, Pride and Prejudice (1995); and the text to that definitive children's book, Cowboy Dan.
19. I have been taken for a virgin buffalo farmer. Concerning which noun the adjective modifies, I leave it to others to decide.
20. I had scarlet fever and whooping cough as a child and now have only to die of consumption properly to round out my list of desirable literary illnesses.
21. I was once hired to play piano at the re-opening of the furniture store in Kemptville. As important as this sounds, in reality I was stuck in a corner with a little keyboard and given barely enough to cover the gas costs along with as many sandwiches and carrot sticks as I could stuff into my pockets on my way out.
22. One of my ancestors, on the boat with William the Conqueror just prior to Hastings, earned himself lands and the title 'Titchbourn' (or some similar spelling)--which were to be bestowed upon the first to touch land after that historic crossing--by cutting off his hand and throwing it to shore ahead of the boat. I like to think we descendents continue to display just such ingenuity all these years later.
23. I have a freckle on one of my teeth.
24. I have eaten several mystery meats, one of which was likely horse.
25. I once was part of a dance to the song "I'm from the country and I like it that way" (choreographed complete with rakes) performed on a hay wagon. That same day I dressed in a holstein costume for a Q & A highlighting the differences between dairy and beef farming. Classy, I know.

two of my favourite things

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Aurora

Many feverent souls
Strike rhyme on rhyme, who would strike steel on steel
If steel had offered, in a restless heat
Of doing something. Many tender souls
Have strung their losses on a rhyming thread,
As children, cowslips: - the more pains they take,
The work more withers. Young men, ay, and maids,
Too often sow their wild oats in tame verse,
Before they sit down under their own vine
And live for use. Alas, near all the birds
Will sing at dawn, - and yet we do not take
The chaffering swallow for the holy lark.

I wonder if this applies to me. Do I only feel the need to create because it is one of the things close to hand right now or is it really a necessity for me? I think ad hope that the latter is true. I do not aspire to be an Artist to the extent that she speaks of artists but my dabbling I believe has more to it than a slight fancy and convenience. Time will tell, I suppose.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year

Once again the alumni have gathered for an extensive New Years party. Today the last of them have left. It was such a good time that a let-down is inevitable so I am thankful that the bus strike (along with other things) has given me an opportunity to make myself busy. Although we're already several days into the New Year, I feel as though tomorrow is truly the beginning and all the little things that I have put on hold in order to join in and host the festivities will come crowding down as soon as I turn around. But for now I have one more night of postponing life.