Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have started to realize that the moments in my life that aren't busy are and forever will be the exceptions. But do I really want it any other way? I actually doubt it. These past couple weeks we've been blitzing James' mom's place getting it ready to sell. Just prior to that I spent part of a week helping get Grandma's house ready to sell. As of now my Grandma's is sold and Logan's Grandma's house has had its first showing. I have a whole day at home to start sorting this place out. So much can be neglected when one spends no more than one waking hour per day at home. But it does give satisfaction to know that things are being accomplished.

On a different note, I just noticed my last post title is Choral Bells and I'm not entirely sure if that is the proper spelling for heuchera's common name. Looking at it now I do believe it should be Coral Bells. It isn't surprising that my mind would gravitate to the musical interpretation but I think I was wrong. But the pictures are beautiful nevertheless.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Choral Bells

I have never had much appreciation for heuchera beyond some of the interesting leaf colours that have been developed but I took these up-close pictures of the flowers and they actually turn out to be beautiful when viewed this way. Who knew?

Writer's Block

I love fiction and have always been puzzled with my evident lack of talent in producing it. I think it is common with writers to find it difficult to get past the initial problem of beginning. But having spent at least six years honing my writing skills (mainly through essays) I don't think that or any other technical aspect of writing is the problem. Style and technique are things that with discipline and practice become less difficult. I also have very little problem stringing together sentences; I tend to be verbose more than otherwise.

It struck me today, however, that a deeper problem for me is that to create one particular character, for instance, is to exclude all other possibilities for that character. Descriptions essentially limit possibility. I enjoy reading of other peoples' created worlds because it opens new worlds to the imagination but to create one myself is to exclude all other possibilities. So I suppose my being a reader who cannot herself write is in a way rather a selfish position.

Maybe knowing this will help me overcome my writer's block. I guess we'll see!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I finally have a picture where you can see the top teeth too. I think the bottom ones are beyond adorable and the top ones are cute too (but not quite as extreme on the cute scale) but since they're there I like having picture proof...

Speaking of picture proof, we've been meaning to get a video camera ever since he was born but haven't got around to it yet. I have also been meaning to switch my phone plan but that I finally accomplished last week. As I played around with my new phone I discovered it had a video option. Thinking of it now, my previous phone (perhaps all of my previous phones) had the video option but I never used it. Importantly, though, this current phone also comes equipped with bluetooth so I am able (really, my husband is able) to transfer them to my husband's laptop without having to buy some sort of cord. So I've started taking videos of as many of L's accomplishments as I can. The quality is pretty low but the subject is the best!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Dominion Day!


Seemingly (to me) hard on the heels of his first set of teeth, my man is now cutting the top two. It's more rough on him this time with a low-grade fever and more evident pain and restlessness as a result but he's still taking it like a trooper. Even during the worst of it people who have met him for the first time have remarked on how happy and calm he is. He is such a blessing and joy. Another side benefit (for me) of his feeling under the weather is that he is more clingy and cuddly than usual. I generally like the fact that he is more than happy to go to or be entertained by other people but now that I have it it's nice to have a mommy's boy for a couple days (but I wouldn't want it to be like this all the time). I do hope he's over the worst today, though.