Saturday, June 07, 2014


Things have been busy around here! This may have something to do with the fact that there are ten more days until we get the keys to our first house! I've been packing and packing and cleaning and packing and trying to remember that I have two boys to take care of at the same time. They've both been great but because I can easily get lost in my task it can feel as though they are constantly vying for my attention (when in fact it's more like I've forgotten to feed us lunch until 2 pm). We do find it really important for everyone's sanity that we get outside for some time every day and thankfully the weather has mostly been fair. Logan has become quite talkative and introduces himself to everyone in the building and anyone walking by who shows interest. His conversation usually runs along these lines: "My name is Logan. And Walter's name is Walter. Midnight lives in our house. I is riding my tricycle." And continues for as long as they seem interested in listening. I try to translate the more obscure words and topics that pop up but for the most part people seem to be able to follow along. Walter's doing great and tries (and almost succeeds) to keep up with Logan. Logan, happy to have a playmate, lets Walter tag along and join most games. I'm enjoying this time of (mostly) harmony and try to promote it as much as possible! Anyway we're going to miss this place but are looking forward to new adventures (hopefully mostly good ones!) when we move!