Monday, March 19, 2012

It's bare-foot-warm weather outside

I can't believe this weather! Clearly record-breaking, obviously lovely but also heart-breaking (both for those cooped up inside and when it leaves at the end of the week).
Tiny toes are coming out of hibernation for a taste of summer before the official start of spring. What a gift!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Car!

From the last post to this one the weather could hardly have changed more. We've been outside most afternoons all week because the weather has been so lovely and warm. There is hardly a snow-bank in sight. So much for emergency snow removal but then you never know until it's too late whether or not it was necessary. An even larger change in the intervening time is that we purchased our first car. Well, we bought our first together. James has had more cars than he can count (and he's pretty good at counting) but I have never owned one so perhaps we almost average out. Anyway we've been looking for one ever since we were married and had several potentials but they never worked out or weren't safe enough (in James' opinion) for me to drive so we kept looking. Finally it was getting to the point where we'd need a forward-facing car seat for Logan and didn't really fit in the truck cab and where the inconvenience of having one vehicle wasn't made up for by any savings (savings? Haha!) by using only our gas-guzzling truck. But we (James) weren't satisfied with most of what was available out there. We looked at a couple options and were thinking how we could settle without settling too much or if we should bite the bullet and get a car that was out of our original price-range. But then after viewing a rust-bucket that had several obvious issues we stopped at a small dealership and saw our car. It's old enough to be just a tad above our price-range but good enough to be entirely worth it. It's fully loaded but that's on top of the fact that it's a good car. We couldn't find base cars in its condition for that price so having a good car that has a bunch of extras just means we not only get our cake but we get to eat the icing too... It's also small enough to be economical while still being safe. Perfect for us and I'm so glad we held out until we found it!
Black is not my favourite colour but it does look classy when James gets it shining!

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bobcat love

Over the weekend James had to do snow removal from our own building so I bundled the little guy up so we could head outside to watch. He was so excited but when it came time for loading the trucks he stood perfectly still on the front porch watching his dad make the bobcat dance. I was worried I would have to hold him back while we watched but he stood like a statue while the machines were running. Then, once James stepped out of the bobcat Logan yelled: "Dad! Bob!" - as in 'bobcat', not the name :) I guess that's the first clear almost phrase he's said so far. Not surprising it was about his two favourite fun things!
He really is speaking a lot these days. I'm pretty sure he said "push the button" the other day (something he loves to do and we instruct him to do quite a bit in certain contexts) and along with a growing vocabulary he is speaking gibberish all the time (and quite expressively). He has come to the point where he will verbalize when he's on the phone with another person (before he wouldn't speak but would smile when he heard someone on the phone. He would only speak when he was playing with the phone). He's turning into quite the verbal little guy. Also just the past couple days if he wants something from, say, the counter I will hold an object up and if it isn't the one he means he will shake his head 'no'. So funny! He hasn't said anything that sounds like 'no' yet but he certainly has the concept down! It's just so much fun getting to know my little man's character (it's mostly good so far...) as it develops.