Sunday, January 31, 2016


How did she get so big so quickly? When I think in terms of how long we've been dealing with James's concussion and its consequences, this 11 months seems like years but when I think in terms of this little one, it seems like I just blinked and we're here (aside from the way that I almost can't remember what it was like before she was with us). A short summary of her current abilities/milestones etc. She consistently says: dada, mama, hi, up, cat, numnum (food), uh-uh (no concerning something she shouldn't be touching), and just recently some form of 'bama' for grandma when play-talking on a phone. She has 6 teeth -- four up and two down, she scoots across the floor alternating sides with her feet but has been crawling also (although sometimes she just moves forward with her hands and then slides her knees along if the floor is slippery). It's much easier for her to carry things while scooting, though, and when she's upset she often grabs her blankie and sucks her thumb the whole way over to me. She pulls herself up a lot and has learned to kneel back down but doesn't like sitting back down. She loves the stairs and at any opportunity will climb to the top banging each step and shrieking as she goes. She communicates quite well and can be pretty determined about what she wants. She gets right in the middle of the boys' games and holds her own already (although they know to be careful of her). She's had her share of having to say sorry (gives a hug and a kiss for this). She loves music, bouncing and singing along to some of her favourite songs. She loves her brothers and adores her daddy. She can be pretty cuddly and wants her mommy but never really played strange to any strong degree. She is such a big part of our family and we all adore her!