Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daddy's mouth

For some reason sometimes when James is playing with the little guy he will purse his lips so we've called it Daddy's look because he only would do it with James. But now he's doing it more frequently (like when I try to see if he's hungry) and I managed to get it on the camera the other day. I think it's really cute even though I have no idea why he's decided to do it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Super's Wife

No, that's not the super wife. Wish I were but I'm working on it... It's interesting being the wife of someone like James. Today the water pump that works to heat our building quit so he's been working with the plumber to fix everything. We now have a hole in our ceiling by the hallway but hopefully we'll have heat soon. And James has been making supper on the side while working. I think it works out pretty well. It's amazing just how much James really knows. There are times when I feel he's getting beyond himself about things but then it turns out that he really is an expert. Boo. No, it's really fascinating. I love how there's never a dull moment and always something to learn. It also reminds me of my own childhood with Dad working from home with no external schedules. Ooh, supper's almost ready. Can I call it my Super's super supper? Aw, that would just be silly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

more water

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, the little guy took his first sip of water from a glass today. He was trying to hold the glass himself but then made a hilarious face at his first sip. However, he reached for it again and stuck his tongue out into the water the second time so I don't think it was a bad reception. He splashes so much in his bath that I'm sure it's not the first taste of water he's had but it's possibly the first soap-free.

water water everywhere

Yesterday he was out at 4AM to plow snow and today he's out cleaning up leaking basements. Spring weather. One nice thing (for me) about his heading out so early to plow was that he was back around supper time and we got to spend the evening together. Not the best for his schedule, however. Speaking of leaking basements, though, ours has leaked again. I tried to mop up a bunch yesterday when he was out but it was coming in so steadily that I really only gave the wall a respite while I wrung out towel after towel until the little guy woke up again... On the positive side, the leak is in our bathroom so it's a room already prepared to deal with some extra water. The less-positive side is that it's destroying the wall beneath the window which we had just fixed before moving in here. So now the one room that was pretty much set up the way I liked will now require another overhaul. Oh well. Maybe this whole exercise is teaching me to let go of what I think to be necessary for happiness. I still love my life even though this place is a bit of a wreck. And there's never a dull moment! Wahoo!

Monday, March 07, 2011

baby feet are happy feet

I could just eat them up...

Don't blink

My little guy is growing up so quickly. I am so thankful I can stay at home and spend every minute with him. Everyone says it goes by in a flash and I try constantly to keep this in mind but even despite this mindfulness and a deliberate attempt to cherish each moment, it is going by faster than I would wish at times. This in no way means that I don't want my boy to grow and develop and that I am not excited about each new stage or accomplishment but rather that I'm sad to see some things go.

He now wiggles and tries to creep around when placed on his stomach and is enjoying being upright in the jolly-jumper. I know he'll want to be motoring around before I have time to turn around (or, as I coined the other day: "in three snaps of a onesie"). He's also chewing on everything he can get his hands (and consequently, his mouth) on so perhaps teeth are somewhere around the corner for us too. Life's a blur and so wonderful. It isn't that I question what I did before having a baby but I know I would be at a loss without him now. It can be embarrassing how little attention I tend to pay to anything else. But hopefully this one-track mind can be said to go with baby territory and I don't continue as a clingy, possessive mother when he starts to grow a little more independent. But surely there'll be time to adjust before we get to that point... won't there?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Toes and snows

Yesterday was a snow day around here. Unlike most people's snow days, for us it meant that James had to leave us for a whole day of plowing. He has been away again for much of today. This episode has really reminded me of how blessed we have been this year that so many of the predicted storms never materialized. Aside from small duties a few days a week James has been able to be home with us most of the winter. We have been able to watch together each step as Logan has grown and developed, we have been able to share responsibilities and grow as a family.

Yesterday while his Daddy was away Logan discovered his toes. I quickly grabbed the camera to document this momentous occasion and got some (okay, quite a few) adorable pictures and was able to show them to James when he got back in but I was sad that James had to miss that milestone (however minor). However, as mentioned already, he has been around so much more than we had hoped that I really have little to complain about.

Also it's always interesting to see how things go without the extra help. Logi B and I had a fun, fairly quiet day. He took long naps and I was able to sort things out a bit more in his room and get some of our boxes out of there in preparation of setting up a crib. So far he's sleeping in a bassinet in our room but he's getting too large for it and although I wish he could stay in our room longer we're going to have to move him out. I am excited, however, about setting up his room and already things are coming together. Here's a part-picture of his own little bookcase with his own little books. The bookcase is what you see first when you look down the hall and it's one of those things that makes me happy every time I look at it! Now just over half of the room is also on the list of happy-making sights. We're still living in a bit of chaos but more and more this apartment is becoming the home I love to be in.